East Medford

Discover East Medford

East Medford is a highly desirable area to live. This area is demographically bounded by Roxy Ann Peak to the East, the freeway that runs through town on the West, generally speaking Barnett Road and the area immediately surrounding it on the South and Vilas Road to the North.

In the heart of the area is "Old East Medford". This area is where the heart of Medford began. Think 1930's-1950's style homes, big oak trees, large yards with neighbor friendly fences, and a sense of belonging.

The areas that expanded off of this area each have their own charm and style. The Cedar Links area that began to be built in the 1970's and was generally built out in the late 1990's is now expanding again. Cedar Landing was created out of the Cedar Links golf course that once covered many acres in that area. There is lots of upcoming new construction to be seen there in the near future. The City of Medford will also be building a new park as part of the development there.

Cedar Links subdivision is the last area in the city where you can find wide streets with lots of cul-de-sacs. The city decided that connectivity was needed so there are no more subdivisions that will be built with this huge number of cul-de-sacs. This area has large yards, lots of homes with RV parking and yet moderately priced homes for the move-up market. Kids playing in the streets is a very common sight.

Summerfield Subdivision which is off the N Phoenix Rd area began in the early 2000's and continues to grow. This is an area of executive homes with soaring ceilings, lots of amenities and smaller lots.

On up the hill is Eagle Trace and the surrounding areas that nestle at the foot of Roxy Ann. This is an area of high-end homes with expansive views of the beautiful valley. In the Highcrest subdivision which was built in the 1960's there is a change happening. The CCR's have expired on this subdivision of homes that often had .33-.75 acre lots. The expiration allows for the lots to be divided now so there is going to be a time of infilling in this area. There will be new mixed with vintage.

East Medford is an ever-changing ever growing area. Come and check it out for yourself.